Painting the Home, Exterior Spaces: The Front Porch Part 1

What color do I select for painting the ceiling of my porch?  Porch painting ideas.

Outdoor living spaces are equally important as indoor spaces.  While the porch may not be used 365 days of the year, we bundle up during the winter and sit on the porch often.  Our porch swing is an attraction year-round except on extreme days of cold or heat.


When choosing a color for exterior spaces, I like to recommend subtle colors – colors that are soothing or akin to nature – and I love the Williamsburg Historic Colors.  When you drive through a neighborhood, it is easy to pick a color that will make your home stand out, but is this your goal?  Houses that stand out because of their color, well, they may stick out and at times, like a sore thumb.  Let the beauty of your house stand on the architectural features and style.  I recommend subtle colors that work well with the brick, woodwork, and the style of the home. 
When selecting colors for the porch ceiling, ask yourself a few questions. Do I want to notice the ceiling or pass by?  If my house has a well-defined painting scheme – often 3 colors of paint – do I want to select one of these colors?  Is there something in my landscape or home architecture that can inspire the color selection?
Many porches are painted white throughout the south, and the most common color on the ceiling is sky blue. Harbor Haze from Benjamin Moore Paints is one of those subtle colors that are perfect for the ceiling of a porch.  Subtle, light, clean, and fresh looking, the name may be misleading.  If your goal is to mimic the sky, this is a good choice.

We just finished a large porch with a beadboard ceiling, red brick, white columns, and black shutters.  The lady of the house was having trouble finalizing on a color.  Picking colors is hard.  She was drawn to brighter colors.  Once I placed a sample on the ceiling, she immediately said:  “Oh, I see.  It is lighter than I was considering, but it is perfect… soothing and fresh….”

Once you have selected your paint colors, we are happy to quote the painting job.  And when we are finished, go to and purchase a porch swing. We will be happy to install it for you. Enjoy your porch and outdoor spaces.

Ampa Creative Home offers finish carpentry, interior design, and handyman services in the Richmond, Virginia Metro area. We started our business as stage set and prop designers and fabricators for the event industry.  With our fine carpentry and artistic skills, we are very good with wainscoting wall panels, finish carpentry, painting, and artistic projects. In general, we are problem solvers and get the job done.

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