What are the benefits of Trim Molding and Shoe/Toe Molding?

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When it comes to renovating and adding value to your home, trim molding is your best friend. It is amazing how a bundle of slim wood can be used creatively to enhance and beautify entryways, ceilings, and walls.  The other benefit to the homeowner is decorative trim molding can be used to hide imperfections in just about every house both older historic houses and new construction. Shoe molding (some also call this toe molding) is a great example. 

Shoe Molding, first and foremost, is the finishing touch to the seam between your baseboards and flooring.  If your house does not have it, it should. Shoe molding cleans up and covers up imperfections between the baseboard and flooring providing a uniform and finished overall look.  Most new construction features oak quarter round which is fine but true shoe molding is not actually a quarter round. It comes in natural wood and in most cases, it merely has a semigloss polyurethane finish coat. (Tip from Ted:  oak is a hardwood. As such it does not take stain well. Accordingly, if you seek a stained finish, select soft wood species for staining.). Shoe molding is also available primed with white primer if you are looking for a painted end product as well as it is available in a number of other styles.  When it comes to trim molding, I like to have fun and be creative.

Call Ampa Creative Home for your home renovations and repair needs.  Ampa Creative Home offers finish carpentry, interior design, and handyman services in the Richmond, Virginia Metro area. We started our business as stage set and prop designers and fabricators for the event industry.  With our fine carpentry and artistic skills, we are very good with wainscoting wall panels, finish carpentry, painting, and artistic projects. In general, we are problem solvers and get the job done.

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