5 Ways to Spruce up your porch

Every time I visit my 90-year-old mother in the Museum District, she tells me how lovely the neighbors’ fronts are landscaped and then points to her front.  She is s tough bird and still wants to do the work herself even when I have told her I would be happy to take care of it.  I hope I have half her energy when I am 90!

source of photo: Museum District Association
  1. Landscaping – this has to be at the top of the list because you are creating a lovely living space, but it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Costco had large round planters with a mix of flowers.  You can merely add a few of these pre-planted pots (grown and arranged in Virginia) on the porch if landscaping is not your thing.

  2. Paint the Front Door – color is fun.  Enjoy yourself.  Be whimsical.  Remember, the door is not too large and you can always repaint it if you get tired of the color

  3. Ceiling Fan – great for cooling and to keep pests away.  Here is an article at Bob Villa:  https://www.bobvila.com/articles/buyers-guide-best-outdoor-ceiling-fan/

  4. Porch Swing – I wrote about these in a previous blog.  I love porch swings: https://artisansmarketusa.com/product/4ft-medium-back-swing-2/

  5. Furniture – get creative, re-purpose an inherited piece that you have painted a bright fun color.  If you do not have the time to paint the piece, Ampa Creative Home has a paint booth for turning inherited pieces into works of art!  Remember to add tables for your coffee drink and snacks.

Outdoor living is experiencing a Renaissance. I have always loved the outdoors. City porches are a perfect place to gather safely as we continued to recover from Covid.

Call Ampa Creative Home for your home renovations and repair needs.  Ampa Creative Home offers finish carpentry, interior design, and handyman services in the Richmond, Virginia Metro area. We started our business as stage set and prop designers and fabricators for the event industry.  With our fine carpentry and artistic skills, we are very good with wainscoting wall panels, finish carpentry, painting, and artistic projects. In general, we are problem solvers and get the job done.

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