10 Ways to Spruce Up a Deck; Outdoor Living Spaces and Interior Design

  1. Power Wash the Deck. Power washing is an easy way to clean up mildew and stains.  Spot cleaning and hosing off the deck may be all you need.
  2. Stain the Wood.  With hundreds of colors available, personalizing your deck is easy
  3. Paint the Deck.  Recently, there seems to be a flood of products for decks.  Paints offer a rainbow of color options
  4. Skirt.  Add a decorative skirt to hide the dead space below the deck
  5. Pergola.  Add a decorative pergola or canopy
  6. String Lights.  You see them everywhere these days.  If you are not handy, call Ampa Creative Home for Handyman services and carpenters
  7. Benches.  Built into the existing rail system, consider adding a wood bench
  8. Curtains and privacy blinds.  These are easy additions
  9. Furniture, potted plants, and more
  10. Add a swing. Purchase a Made in the USA white oak porch swing from Artisans Market USA
These are just a few creative projects to renew and refresh your deck for four seasons of outdoor living.  If you are looking for a team of creative and fun carpenters, painters and designers, look no further than Ampa Creative Home.  We are all artistic and full of ideas.  Call us to help you with deck and patio renovations.  Ideas are one thing.  Bringing them to life is our thing at Ampa Creative Home.
These great photos and ideas are available in this fun article from Bob Villa:


Call Ampa Creative Home for your home renovations and repair needs.  Ampa Creative Home offers finish carpentry, interior design, and handyman services in the Richmond, Virginia Metro area. We started our business as stage set and prop designers and fabricators for the event industry.  With our fine carpentry and artistic skills, we are very good with wainscoting wall panels, finish carpentry, painting, and artistic projects. In general, we are problem solvers and get the job done.

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