How do you repair deck rot at nailheads?

In the photos note Wood rot that started from nailheads shot too deep into the wood. An air gun was used with the nails being recessed rather than flush. This indentation allowed water to collect and in less than nine years, the rot started to develop and spread. The homeowner painted the deck with a quality product two years ago which has helped to arrest some of the problems, but anywhere water can collect, expanded contract, it will cause damage to building materials. Since the homeowner plans to replace the entire deck within the next one or two years and asked for solutions.  

There are a couple of products available on the market for deck repair including a variety of fillers. One might be tempted to caulk and repaint. While these may be okay for a short period of time and meet with the approval of the homeowner, they are still half measures. Fillers will expand and contract and could trap water thus accelerating damage. The lack of water drainage is the problem. Replacing the effected boards is the definitive solution. 

Since the deck would be demolished in future renovations and the homeowner was leaving town in a few days, for a quick easy solution, I suggested some drain holes into the boards as a simple solution to get the homeowner 2 more seasons until they decide on their family room renovation project that will involve the demolition of the deck.  

Much to people’s surprise, your deck does require maintenance. To get the maximum life out of the wood, sealers and good quality deck stains or paints will help extend its life.  Also, it may take a bit longer but if you are using a nail gun, back off on the pressure a bit and then manually hammer the nail to avoid nailing too deep leaving divots that would cause future water damage.

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