Porches – As a living space

Growing up in the Historic Fan in Richmond VA as a kid, I remember sitting on the porch after supper eating ice-cold watermelon in the heat of the summer.  And, of course, spitting the seeds as far as we could.  Back in the ’70s, central air condition was not too common and the window units were only turned on for the hottest of days.  The porch was a way to cool down and WIND down before bedtime.

source of photo: Museum District Association

Today, the porch is having a renascence as a Living Space.  

In the ’70s, we saw basic lawn furniture, folding aluminum beach chairs, and maybe some metal mesh chairs on most porches.  Neighbors who had a porch swing were a “wow” for us.  As kids, we thought those houses were where rich people lived.  One of the first things I did at my third home was to install a Porch Swing.

YES, you can find quality porch swings made in the USA!  Look at Artisans Market USA, an online seller of Made in the USA Furniture for what I think is the best porch swing ever built.  Best of all, it is built in the Mountains of NC from US white oak.  

This White Oak Porch Swing is virtually maintenance-free and comfortable.  As you see, we do not have cushions on it because it is cut ergonomically correctly.  We hung it 7 years ago.  The manufacture recommends oiling it, but we’ve done nothing but power-wash it last year.  It brings hours of pleasure to us throughout the year – reading books, our kids gather at it and play, just enjoying a cool night with my wife…

Adding a porch swing to a Fan house is an easy way to utilize this living space regularly.

Here is an article on Porch Life in the Museum District’s publication “The Column”:  https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56c739f14d088e02a2485371/t/5f11fb85d4c81a42897d51df/1595014052300/Columns_2020-Quarantine+Edition.pdf

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