Porches – A renewed importance in city living


Every weekend I visit my 90-year-old mother who still lives in the family house in the Virginia Museum District. Growing up in the city, we saw a trend to modernize houses by removing front porches. As a kid, we played on the porch. In fact, we would jump from one porch to the next all the way down the street.  Needless to say, as kids, we did not want our play to be interrupted by a missing porch.

source of photo: Museum District Association

On a recent visit to mom, to my great pleasure, I notice 3 porches were being added back to houses, reversing the “modernizing demolition” of the 80s, and reverting these historic houses back to their earlier facades!

Today porches have renewed meaning in our home life as a result of Covid. Mom is now fully vaccinated but all last year, she would sit on the porch enjoying a nice day with her grandchildren playing in front of the house. Her neighbors have decorated their porch with rattan furniture and added ceiling fans.  The porch is a safe place to gather, eat, speak with neighbors, and create community.  I am sure the importance of the porch in our communities will continue to grow as we pass through this pandemic.

I love reading Fine Home Builders magazine and came across these articles

The Particulars of Porch Design: https://www.finehomebuilding.com/membership/pdf/385969/021282038.pdf

In Search of the Perfect Screened Porch:  https://www.finehomebuilding.com/membership/pdf/17078/021170050.pdf

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