How do I paint over dated wood panel?

Painting as an interior design option.

Sofa with back wall panel before image on the left and after image of painted wall on the right.

Everybody is stuck at home looking at those same 4 walls!  Guess what, if you are generally handy, you can change the look of your interior spaces in a snap.
Everybody thinks painting is easy.  For the most part, it is, but there are many techniques the pros use for a great finished product.  Here’s a tip on painting your home.

What paint do we use?

Ever since my summertime job during college with a professional paint contractor, I have always used Benjamin Moore. We have a contractor’s account with Spectrum Paints locally to provide us with all of our scene shop paints, stains, and paints for the home.

Benjamin Moore has a nice step-by-step illustrated explanation of how to paint wood paneling. Here is a link:

Tips from Ted

In addition to the step-by-step from Benjamin Moore, for better results, prime the panel completely using a white primer for light-colored walls and tint the primer for darker paint colors. If their instructions make it look easy to fill the cracks. Every house is different and at times it may take several layers of spackling or joint compound. If you have wider gaps between panels or nail holes, you may consider using fiberglass tape to reinforce these areas.

Call Ampa Creative Home for your home renovations and repair needs.  Ampa Creative Home offers finish carpentry, interior design, and handyman services in the Richmond, Virginia Metro area. We started our business as stage set and prop designers and fabricators for the event industry.  With our fine carpentry and artistic skills, we are very good with wainscoting wall panels, finish carpentry, painting, and artistic projects. In general, we are problem solvers and get the job done.

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